Pelican 1920 Review Posted on 1 Jul 16:39 , 18 comments


The Pelican 1920-000-110 1920 LED Flashlight offers super-bright and reliable illumination. It produces 120 lumens to help you see in low-light and dark conditions, making it ideal for use around the home, while outdoors or even in emergency situations. Powered by two AAA batteries, the Pelican flashlight has a run time of three hours.



This is a great pocket-sized light. I carry it in my pocket and do not feel weighed down. And even though it's very compact and light weight, it throws a huge amount of light. Battery life is pretty good, considering the light output from two little AAA batteries. The build quality is very good and also has a solid feel to it. I especially like the high and low functionality, because there are certainly times that 120 lumens is just too much, and that bright light can blind you in low-light conditions. 

Add on that the lifetime warranty, and I don't think there's a better pocket flashlight out there.